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Additional information

Here we inform any changes from initial plan.

updated March 29, 2011

Regarding schedule

Though the championship due to be held since January 14th to 17th, but the negotiations between participating countries were not going smoothly.
  On January 15th, South Asia Baseball Federation held a meeting at Lahore Pakistan, and approved the tentative date of the championship to be since April 7th to 12th. About farther result of the meeting, please refer the website of International Baseball Federation.

On March 28th, there was a announcement that the date of championship is changed to April 12 - 17, and the schedule of games is as follows. The time of games will be decided in managers meeting on April 11.

Apr. 12Pakistan VS Afghanistan
Apr. 13Nepal VS Sri Lanka
Apr. 14Nepal VS Pakistan
Apr. 15Afghanistan VS Sri Lanka
Apr. 16Afghanistan VS Nepal
Apr. 17Pakistan VS Sri Lanka

Regarding participating countries

In addition to initial five countries, Bangladesh is considering to participate.

On March 28, there was a announcement that India and Bangladesh will not participate to this championship.

Regarding Nepali team players

On February 26, selection of players was held and following 10 players were selected as members of Nepali team. In addion to them, a few players will be selected later.

 Anil Parifar  Anil Basnel  Bhin Tamang
 Iswor Thapa  Mohan Gurung  Rajesh Basnei
 Rajesh Paryar  Ram Kumar Parifar  Sandip Thapa
 Sunil Iama