<South Asia Baseball Cup 2011>

The first international tournament for Nepal
"South Asia Baseball Cup 2011"

Request of contribution for visiting to Pakistan

December 11, 2010

 Baseball in Nepal "Circle Laligurans"
 President, AKAMATSU Hiroaki
 Representative, KOBAYASHI Yohei

Dear supporters,

Since 1999, "Circle Laligurans" have been introduced funs of baseball to children in Nepal. This activity which was begun with the word "This is a ball", by continuing communication with Nepali children, now we can hear the words "Baseball is so fun", "I want play more well", "I want to be a professional player in the future". The funs of baseball gradually known by Nepali children, the number of players also gradually increased. For example, we made baseball teams, held baseball tournament, our activity in Nepal spread step by step. As one of the activities, continued to last year, we got a chance to Mr. Isowr Thapa, the ace pitcher in Nepal, come to Japan and challenge to tryouts for independent leagues.

Now, since January 14 to 17, at Lahore, Pakistan, South Asia baseball tournament will be held. In this time, Pakistan Federation of Baseball invited Nepal to participate in this tournament. We hoped to make a step to the international stage, then we decided to plan that with taking the lead by Mr. Isowr Thapa, organize the representative team of Nepal and participate in this tournament. Five countries: Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal will participate in this tournament. With cooperating "ESODEC", a Nepali NGO, or other relevant people, "Circle Laligurans" is preparing to participate in this "international tournament" which is also the desire at the beginning of our activity. We still have many difficulties to overcome, but we are making efforts as much as possible.

However, we are just a volunteer group, and our financial situation is so hard. About participation of this time, it is also very hard to pay the cost for visiting Pakistan, preparing uniforms, etc. Therefore we decided to request contributions for participation in "South Asia Baseball Championship 2011". We hope your understanding and cooperation.

We widely require cooperation of individuals, enterprises and organizations as follows. Every member of "Circle Laligurans" truly wish as many ones as possible will support our desire, the Nepal's first participation in international tournament. We send you our best regards.


guidelines for contribution acceptance

[period of acceptance]

by December 31 (Friday), 2010 by January 31 (Monday), 2011

[amount of acceptance]

5,000 yen per unit

* If enterprises or organizations will consider contribution, we can make a document of "Request for Contribution". If you need the document, please ask for the following reference (E-mail).


[target of amount]

1,500,000 yen

[method of contribution]

We accept contribution by bank payment or postal transfer.

 Bank payment
  Bank of Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ Senba branch
  regular account 3984578

   (ネパール ヤキュウ コウリュウ カツドウ キキン)
   (Nepal Baseball Communication Activity Fund)

 * To send the report of the project later on, please let us know the information of payment and your adress by e-mail.

 Postal transfer
  account number 00940-6-316430

   (ネパールデ ヤキュウ ラリグラスノカイ)
   (Baseball in Nepal "Circle Laligurans")

[certificate of acceptance]

To individuals or organizations who have kindly contributed we will issue a receipt.

[Report of the project]

After finishing this tournament, we will send a report about the result of tournament and financial balance of this project to all individuals or organizations who have contributed.

[For inquires]

Baseball in Nepal "Circle Laligurans" representative KOBAYASHI Yohei 090-3277-3145
Poole Gakuin University
MATSUDA Hiroshi 072-292-7201
Poole Gakuin University,
Student Division
KUWANA Shima 072-292-7201

E-mail: nepal89ph@yahoo.co.jp

* If the amount of contribution does not reach the target or participation in tournament is not realized by any accident, we will announce and carefully keep the contributed money as precious founds for the activity of baseball in Nepal and next international tournament.

Baseball in Nepal "Circle Laligurans" web site: http://www.nepalbaseball.net/