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Representative Team of Nepal

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April 13 (Wed)vs Sri Lanka
April 14 (Thu)vs Pakistan
April 16 (Sat)vs Afghanistan

updated: April 4, 2011

Manager, Coaches
99 Binod PAUDEL

"I appreciate to be the first manager of Nepal national baseball team. I'm aming to be the champion, beating Pakistan the best team in South Asia, and Sri Lanka, Afghanistan. I'd like to appele baseball in Nepal to the world."
senior coach

 "A dream is not someting to see but to realize. An international championship which has been my wish for 12 years comming true owing to you. I'm looking forward to the championship. I'll do my best for the team. I hope your cheering."
15 Abhishesh KARIKI

Though the team of Nepal has many fear factor, but I am so glad to participate to an international championship. I would like to create a fuor."
29 SUZUKI Hidetoshi

"It's a great honor to attend as a member of Nepal representative to the championship which is the first participation for Nepal to an international championship. I appreciate supports of everyone."
1 Iswor THAPA
Pitcher (age 22)

The first Nepali professional baseball player. Without his good performance it is difficult to win.
"Though the level of baseball in Nepal is low, but I want to win."
12 Sandip THAPA
Pitcher (age 18)

At the tryout, he ripped two deep drives like home runs. His batting is also expected.
"I am so glad to be a representative of Nepal. I will do my best."
Catcher (age 21)

A catcher with powerful throwing and batting. Mischievous guy. Expected cluch hitting.
"I will practice more. I'm so glad to be selected."
9 Sunil Dimdung THAMANG
Catcher (age 21)

The most powerful man in the team. Expected as an effective sub.
"The whole team will do our best. I hope your cheering."
3 Bhin Bahdur TAMANG
Infielder (age 21)

Vice-captain. Honest and helpful. His leadership and batting is expected.
"It's a pleasure to experience the baseball of the world."
4 Rajesh BASNET
Infielder (age 18)

An ideal player who is good at batting, running and fielding.
"I want to play games early. I will do my best."
5 Rajesh PARIYAR
Infielder (age 17)

The youngest player in the team. His growth is expected.
"Thank you for selecting me."
6 Nabin ALE
Infielder (age 18)

 Very athletic all-round player.
 "I feel relieved for the passport was in time for the championship. I will make hits at the championship."
7 Ram Kumar PARIYAR
Outfielder (age 21)

The fastest runner in the team. Dreaming to be a musician.
"I'm a baseball player now, so I will shave and get haircut before the championship."
Outfielder (age 18)

The player who is just like a mascot in the team. He is a favorite with the team.
"I will do my best for not to act errors."
12 Govinda PARIYAR
Outfielder (age 22)

 Expected to make long hits. A little bit slump now.
"I will do many practice swings. I will not get struck out."
13 Bijay GURUNG
Outfielder (age 22)

The secret weapon of Nepal.
"I will fill the role of me."
0 Pradeep SHRESTHA
President of Nepal Baseball Federation

"This is a good opportunity to appele baseball in Nepal for the people of Nepal. For baseball of Nepal in the feature, I hope Nepal will create a fuor and liven up the championship."
14 Padma Bahadur KARKI
Principal of Balabhadra Secondary School

"I appricate for giving us such a opportunity. Stirring players up, I would like to make a good atmosphere."
77 Birendra Kumar HIRACHAN
Executive Member of ESODEC

"I'm glad baseball of Nepal became to be able to participate an international championship. Our efforts for 12 years were rewarded. I appriciate supporters in Japan. The day of the first international game, vs Sri Lanka, will be a historic day for Nepal."